21 March 2007

Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Metro Redevelopment Update

Image from DCmud
DCmud has an update on the proposed development coming to the Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Metro. If we're lucky, it will block the views of the Rhode Island Place (or RIP - my household's pet name) and perhaps even spur the management to take better care of it. Better yet, I hope it creates a clamor in the Ward 5 community to demand urban-style, pedestrian-friendly, dense development rather than suburban-style strip malls floating in seas of asphalt.

Rhode Island Place before the AJ Wright, et al. addition - Photo by Richard Layman
Images from Mid-City Urban, LLC and A&R Development, respectively, below.

Image from Mid-City Urban, LLC
Image from A&R Companies

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  1. Ooh...imagine if RI NE could actually LOOK like that over time! Right now it's not a place I feel comfortable walking around in at any time of day.


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