31 January 2007

South Dakota Avenue Development in Express's FreeRide

Image from DCmud
I should really outsource my link hunting to Mike Grass at Express. Today he posted a comprehensive update of the new development that affects those of us along the South Dakota Avenue corridor from top to bottom, including:

• The ongoing construction of condos around the Fort Totten Metro
Mixed-use at Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue
• Vincent Orange's promised land of big-box retail, "Washington Gateway," in the Fort Lincoln-New Town area (not to be confused with his dream of a "New Town" at the Capital City/Florida Market) near the intersection of New York and South Dakota Avenues.

Image courtesy of the Washington, DC Economic Partnership
All of these drive home the importance of tonight's meeting and our ongoing input into the South Dakota Avenue Transportation & Streetscape Study. We need to counterbalance pedestrian-unfriendly developments like the Washington Gateway (why would we welcome folks to our CITY with a suburban sprawl-style strip mall with 2,000 parking spaces, and how many more will Ward 5 tolerate?!) with our input/demands to improve safety and accessibility on our primarily residential corridor.

» Sharlene Reed, Ward 5 Transportation Planner (sharlene.reed@dc.gov; 202.671.2407)
» Deborah Crain, Ward 5 Neighborhood Planning Coordinator, (deborah.crain@dc.gov; 202.442.7615)

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