15 January 2007

ANC-5C Monthly Meeting - Tuesday, January 16th

What: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C Monthly Meeting

When: Tuesday, January 16th, 2007, 7-9pm

Where: Harry L. Thomas Recreation Center, 1743 Lincoln Road, NE

• Election of Officers; formulation of Committee structure; consideration and approval of 2007 meeting schedule; consideration and approval of ANC priorities, projects, and speakers for 2007; etc.
MPD-5D, Public Safety Report
Patricia McGuire, President, Trinity University Master Plan
Kelly Cornell, Metropolitan Branch Trail
Larry Williamson, WASA

UPDATE: Notes from the meeting at bloomingdale (for now).


  1. jamie, are you going to be at the meeting tonight? i plan on attending, it would be interesting to meet some neighborhood (and beyond) bloggers there.

  2. Won't be at this one - I'm in 5A and often have other commitments that keep me from even getting to those :(

    Perhaps we can arrange some sort of meetup with you, Sean (Bloomingdale), and myself sometime soon.


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