26 January 2007

12th Street NE Commercial Corridor Vandalized

Yes! Organic Market - Photo from the Brookland CDC
Both the Brookland CDC (the site is still under reconstruction) and Richard Layman have brought to my attention the tagging of 12 buildings along Brookland's main street this past Wednesday, including our new Yes! Organic Market and the Historic Newton Theater/CVS. I also noticed a few weeks ago the back of the Long & Foster at the corner of Monroe and 12th had been tagged pretty heavily.

Historic Newton Theater/CVS - Photo from the Brookland CDC
Many thanks in advance to Richard, the Brookland CDC, Alice Thompson - Ward 5 Neighborhood Service Coordinator, and DPW for cleaning this up in a timely fashion.


  1. we've got the same ROB tags further down rhode island avenue too. there are big ones just above the liquor store at 11th and rhode island nw.

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  3. ROB also hit H Street recently. I hope his suburban little ass gets nailed soon. I'm all for the grit of cities, and I can appreciate real street art (Banksy for example), but crap like this is just pathetic.


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