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13 May 2008

SMD 5A-09 & PSA 503 Joint Monthly Meeting - Wednesday, May 14

What: SMD 5A-09 & PSA 503 Joint Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday, May 14 2008, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Hospital for Sick Children/HSC Pediatric Center, 1731 Bunker Hill Road NE

Agenda: Public safety and community concerns, including those addressed in the letter below, written by a neighbor on Otis Street NE:
Dear Neighbors-

In case you haven't heard, a big developer, Alliance Holdings LLC, purchased a tiny piece of land between our home and our neighbor (2212 Otis St NE, Square 4242, Lot 10). It is 25 feet wide, and according to zoning regulations the owner may NOT build as a matter of right.

We recently learned that Taiwo Demuren, presumably with Alliance Holdings LLC, has applied for significant variances from lot area, and lot width requirements, as well as from side yard requirements in order to build a single family dwelling.

In an effort to keep the lot, as it is, open green space, our next-door neighbor made numerous attempts to purchase the lot – but as you can imagine, it is difficult to outbid a developer with deep pockets.

We are very concerned about how this will change the character of our neighborhood. Many of us moved here for the space, and greenery. If these variances are granted, there are many other small lots in our neighborhood that would be able to be developed in a similar manner. Demuren's requested variances would establish a precedent to grant additional variances for these other lots to be more easily developed.

We also fear that since it is often more profitable to knock down an old home and rebuild multiple new homes within the same footprint, than it is to renovate the old home, that this decision could encourage more developers to purchase old homes on these lots, knock them down and build two or more houses in the same plot of land (We have seen this in N. Arlington, VA). Again, we believe that Demuren's requested variances will set a precedent and make the development described above much easier for the next builder.

Of an even greater concern is the beautiful and historic old oak tree that is located on the lot line between the undeveloped lot and our neighbor's home (2216 Otis St, NE). An arborist has certified that this is the SECOND OLDEST TREE IN THE ENTIRE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. The tree measures approximately 180 inches in diameter and is estimated to be 300-400 years old. The arborist has also certified that because of the tree's extensive root system, the construction of a structure on the vacant lot will kill this ancient tree.

There are three meetings where attendance by the community members is important if you are interested in helping to stop the proposed development. The first is on May 14, 2008.

*The proposed use of this land is on the agenda for the ANC 5A09 & PSA 503Joint Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, May 14, 2008, at 6:30 PM, at the Hospital for Sick Children located at 18th St and Bunker Hill Rd., NE. ANC 5A09 Commissioner Shirley Rivens-Smith will be there and would like to know what the citizens of ANC 5 think of this development.*

* *

*The second meeting is the ANC 5A meeting on May 28, 2008, when all of the ANC 5A commissioners will vote whether to deny or approve support of the developers zoning variances. This meeting will be held at the Taft Recreation Center, 18th and Perry St NE, at 7:00 PM.*

The final meeting will be at the zoning hearing, which will take place on July 8, 2008.

We would certainly appreciate any support, advice, and suggestions from our neighbors on this matter.

We are not against development – we just believe that the zoning regulations were established for a reason, and chose to move to this area because of the open space and the character and charm of our neighborhood. Although we do love our neighbors, and feel rather fortunate to know such nice folks on our block, if we wanted to be on top of them we would have stayed in a condominium. We also love the beautiful old trees and feel it would be a terrible shame for this gift of nature to be destroyed.

We understand there is an expectation of many more jobs and people moving to the area over the next few years, but as a realtor I can tell you there are plenty of vacant properties available for housing all over the city, and not enough buyers and renters to fill them.

Again – we feel this could set a terrible precedent that could significantly affect the character of the greater Brookland/Woodridge/Michigan Park neighborhood, and are *asking for your support*.

Please join us at the ANC 5A09 meeting to show your support.

Thank you!

19 December 2007

Perry Place NE "Take Back Our Block" Event - Thursday, December 20

From a neighbor on Perry Place:

With the recent spike in crime on our block, it is time to show that we are concerned and attentive to what has been happening. Please join us this Thursday, December 20 for a “Take Back Our Block” night. We will be attending the PSA 502 Meeting at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center across the block at 7PM to discuss crime-fighting strategies. We will then meet at the corners of 10th and Perry Place, with police and community leadership at 8PM, to march around the block and alleyways. We hope to see you there!

20 November 2006

New Date for PSA 502 and New Location for PSA 503 Community Meetings

Please note the following updates for the PSA 502 and 503 monthly community meetings (updates have been made in the sidebar):

03 May 2006

Update from In Shaw on Last Night's Meeting

Truxtonian has posted an update from last night's emergency crime meeting on the In Shaw blog. The comments provide some informative community commentary, including thoughts on Orange's role in the state of Ward 5 (but, fear not shell-shocked constituents, Orange is hard at work making sure MLB and Comcast treat us with respect).

Don't forget tonight's PSA 501 meeting in response to the recent surge in neighborhood violence.

02 May 2006

Not to Be Outdone, Orange Calls for Emergency Crime Meeting TONIGHT

My guess is that either Orange or someone from his office stumbled across this recent comment on WaPo's DC Wire blog:

Our little corner of Ward 5 (Eckington, Truxton Circle, Bloomingdale) is getting very organized this time around. We are tired of being virtually ignored by Vincent Orange because he had Michigan Park and Brookland in his pocket. This time, we're going to make sure that the winning Ward 5 candidate must have the SW corner of Ward 5 in his or her pocket to win. We're going to vote in droves in September. Heed the warning, council candidates. Don't forget about us.

At any rate, Orange is, according to Commissioner Jim Berry's post on the Eckington listserv, organizing an emergency meeting tonight:


In response to the significant escalation of gunfire in our community of late and, most recently, the shooting that occurred near the intersection of 1st and Q Streets, N.W. as well as the homicide that took place in the 1400 block of First Street, N.W. last night, Council Member Vincent Orange is convening an emergency meeting at Mount Sinai Baptist Church, 3rd and Q Streets, N.W., this evening from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. in their old sanctuary. Specifically, Mr. Orange has asked officials from the Fifth District Metropolitan Police Department to provide a briefing on the recent spate of shootings that have taken place in our section of PSA 501, and to respond to questions or recommendations from community residents regarding the strategy that the MPD is using to address the problem.

I have recommended to Mr. Orange's office that a representative also be present from the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) who is responsible for the supervision of offenders who live in PSA 501. That is, the CSOSA can play a pivotal role in helping to identify and discipline those who are under their supervision and are ultimately found to be a contributor to our current problems in any way.

Please help to spread the word among your neighbors. Hope to see you this evening!


Jim Berry

Shootings Last Night in Truxton Circle - Community Meeting Tomorrow, May 3rd

Short blurb from WaPo (scroll to the bottom).

E-mail verbatim from Commissioner Cleopatra Jones to neighborhood listservs, including Truxton Circle's Daily Dispatch:
Good-morning Constituents;

Approximately about 9:45 PM last night 1st street, between Q & O MPD taped off the streets and the area was flooded with police to include an evidence team and flood lights. MPD remained on site throughout the night until wee hours of the morning and at this writing the area remains taped off, while the MPD continues its investigation. I have made follow up calls throughout the night and until this writing I have spoken with several officials and have learned that there was a shooting and a homicide. I will be continuing to monitor this situation and keep you informed.

In addition I am concerned with the frequency of shootings in this area for which we must not accept as a way of life. It is time for action and not continuous discussions. We must not accept these ongoing shootings as a way of life. We as residents need to take a proactive approach to improve our community and rid the criminal activities that are operating freely. We must unite to show solidarity to bring about changes that affects all of us now!

We must demand that the DC Government, Elected officials and MPD be responsible for providing resources and manpower to combat the criminal elements that are eating away at the fiber of this community. The time for action is now not ongoing discussions. Our quality of life continues to be jeopardize and the public safety remains at high risk.

I am continuously monitoring this situation and will update you accordingly.

Just me,
Cleopatra Jones,
Commissioner ANC5C02
(202) 635-2850
(202) 234-4225 fax

In response, PSA 501 has postponed their planned Wednesday walkthrough in order to have a meeting on the recent events in the area:
Due to recent events located in PSA 501 our planned Wednesday walkthrough initially scheduled to began at First and O streets NW @ 6:30 PM will be deferred to offer Capt. M. Scott and Lt. Welch an opportunity to share vital information concerning emerging activities in the community. The Captain will address these issues and neighborhood concerns at the Margaret Murray Washington, Career Senior High School, 27 O Street NW, Room 100, May 3rd @ 6:30 pm. Please plan to attend.

Other Crime Prevention Information: You may meet and talk with your assigned Lt. at your monthly scheduled neighborhood PSA Community Meetings. For meeting information visit the [MPD] on-line at or the Fifth District here.

You may also contact the Fifth District's Community Outreach Coordinator Fayette Vaughn-Lee for meeting schedules on (202) 698-0188 or e-mail her at

Patrol Service Area 501
Lt. Ronald-
Lt. Dean Welch-

Patrol Service Area 502
Lt. Gregory Stroud-

Patrol Service Area 503
Lt. Corinne Hughes-

Patrol Service Area 504
Lt. Judith Anderson-

Patrol Service Area 505
Lt. Anthony Medoro-

5D Community Outreach Coordinator
Fayette Vaughn-Lee-

Update: The shooting in the 1400 block of First Street resulted in homicide (see reference in Commissioner Berry's e-mail in the post above).