26 March 2007

Brookland Ties for Worst Neighborhood to Grab a Bite to Eat

Though it was sweet of the new Share Your DC site to include Brookland in its survey, Michael Grass at FreeRide wonders if Brookland was included as a "sacrificial lamb":
So we'll see what the crafty marketers extract from the input of experts and everyday people like you and me. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get a slogan like this: "Explore Your Nation's Capital: Just Don't Eat in Brookland."

Don't hate the messenger, hate the reality of the message, particularly based on recent negative reactions to the Cardinal's Nest and the limited options for sit-down dining. What do you think?


  1. considering that 150 people responded, and brookland tied with woodley park and logan circle, i'd discount the findings...

  2. But why was Brookland on the list in the first place? Certainly this isn't scientific, but I think it points out some of our deficiencies in the restaurant arena.

  3. I had nice service at CN the first time I was there, but the second time I had to walk in front of the waitresses to get their attention.

    I love Sureia (their coconut cake has got me hooked), but their hours are so limited. I don't get home until between 7-10 on weeknights.

    If they had a nice pizza place or another ethnic restaurant, maybe it'll keep people from hopping on the Red Line to go elsewhere!

  4. Sitdown pizzeria, not a to-go place, I meant.

  5. I had a nice talk with a manager at the Cardinal's Nest after a fairly harrowing breakfast with the Friends of the Woodridge Library (granted, we were a large group of 7 plus a toddler). They are trying to get it together, and I told her that the neighborhood will support them as long as they know efforts are being made. I'm rooting for them big time. It was also interesting to find out that the majority of their business is coming from the community, and not from CUA students.

    I'm on the same weekday schedule as you, and don't make it to Sureia nearly as often as I'd like.

    And, if we were to get an ethnic place (on top of turning the Jamaican carry-out into a sit-down), I vote for Ethiopian :)

  6. too bad the survey wasnt called, "best neighborhood to get 'hot wings'." brookland would have scored higher.


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