19 March 2007

ANC-5C Monthly Meeting - Tuesday, March 20th

What: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C Monthly Meeting

When: Tuesday, March 20th, 2007, 7-9pm

Where: McKinley Technology High School, 151 T Street, NE

Agenda Includes:
· Update on Armstrong School Renovation plans
· Update on National Marathon run through ANC5C
· Update on Bloomingdale Farmers Market plans
· Update on Saint Martin's Housing Plan
· MPD-5D public safety report
· Update from Julius Bell, whose proposed sitdown restaurant "J. Bell's" should be opening soon at North Capitol and P Streets, NW


  1. I don't understand how ANC5C relates to Brookland/Woodbridge...

  2. WoodRidge - no B - sorry, but that's a sticky point for me.

    Part of the "mission" of this blog is to step away from the insular thoughts that our neighborhoods exist in their own vacuums - hence the subtitle "Woodridge - Brookland - Ward 5 - NE - DC." What's affecting our neighbors is likely to affect us as well, and we can learn from each other by sharing information. We've got to stay connected.

    For example, when you look at the Ward 5 map, you'll notice that CUA resides in 5C. Folks who live along North Capitol near Michigan Ave. might think of themselves as Brooklanders, even though they reside in 5C and not 5A.


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