07 March 2007

Brookland, Bloomingdale in the Big Blogs Today

Brookland - well, select areas, including the debatable Cardinal's Nest - is featured today in the Express FreeRide blog.

DCist features Bloomingdale's anticipated EC12 restaurant at the corner of North Capitol and Quincy Place, NW. Two cheers for creating sit-down restaurants in Ward 5! From the DC Business Resource Center site:
Vacant for nearly a decade, Old Engine Company 12 will transform into a full-service, sit-down restaurant named "EC-12" with a second-floor cultural and performing arts space programmed by XM Satellite Radio, a marketing partner on the team, who will broadcast live music events from the location. The lounge will also provide community meeting and exhibition space. EC-12 will include a sidewalk café and a renovated rooftop deck to accommodate an outdoor seating area.


  1. How ironic that the Free Ride did that report on Brookland. Yesterday I got home early from work (doctor's appt.) and tried to go to Cafe Sureia. I get there around 6:15, and it was closing. (I was really craving Jacques Torres hot chocolate and a slice of coconut cake!) I head to Cardinal's Nest to get a latte instead, and that place was so empty.

    Brookland is a hidden gem and I appreciate that it is a quiet little nook. But at the same time, I wish there were a little more life and OOMPH! to it!

  2. Yeah - I seldom get to go to Cafe Sureia because of the hours, but it's been fabulous every time I've been. I'll be going to the Cardinal's Nest for the first time this Saturday - the Friends of the Woodridge Library are holding our meeting there (first time in a year that we haven't had it at the library!). 11am if anyone's interested ;)

    I'd like to see a bit more OOMPH, too. I think there's just so much back-and-forth between the forces that want that, and those that are happy with the status quo. We're not asking for Georgetown or Adams Morgan, just more businesses like Sureia and Dwellings.


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