23 March 2007

Drum Circle at Café Sureia - Sunday, March 25th

What: Café Sureia presents a community drum circle to celebrate the arrival of the spring/vernal equinox

When: Sunday, March 25, 2007, 2-4pm

Where: Café Sureia, 3629 12th Street, NE

Details: Join your neighbors to celebrate the coming of SPRING! Feel the primal rhythm of the universe, play midwife to SPRING and drum your ass off! NO EXPERIENCE necessary. All ages and all levels of experience are welcome. Just bring your joy for life and prepare to have the time of your life. Jerry Peloquin, Brookland resident, organizational psychologist, and a drummer who played with such famous artists as Nina Simone, Paul Winter Consort, and Jefferson Airplane will facilitate the drum circle.

Bring your percussion instruments — hand drums, shakers, claves, tambourines, etc. (no snares, please). A donation of $5.00 per person is requested.

About Drum Circles: Drumming and rhythm are natural parts of our daily lives. Our very life blood and existence are driven by the beat or our hearts and the steady rhythmic pattern of our breathing. The sea pulses upon the shore. The clock ticks away the hours. We are naturally attuned to the beat. It is a profound part of our nature and once we reconnect, it frees us and binds us. When the beat builds and is driven by the group, it links us all together.

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