31 July 2006

Ward 5 Light Up the Night Coalition Launch in Conjunction with the 23rd Annual Night Out

Mentioned previously here, Ward 5's "Light Up the Night Coalition" officially launches its campaign at the National Night Out against crime kick-off:
The District's observance of [the 23rd annual] National Night Out will officially kick off at 5pm on Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center at 10th and Michigan Avenue, NE, with food, music and a short walk around the neighborhood with the Ward 5 "Light Up the Night Coalition." Consisting of 16 community organizations, the Coalition is launching a campaign to distribute energy-efficient light bulbs to homeowners and to encourage them to leave their exterior lights on from dusk until dawn every day, as a way to combat crime.

Be sure to check out the July issue of DC North for a profile of Ms. Martha Ward and Light Up the Night (PDF version / text version).

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