25 July 2006

Three Assisting Mayor's DCPL Task Force Among Those Allegedly Fired

Wow. Compare this sentence from "The Mayor's Task Force on the Future of the District of Columbia Public Library System: Summary of Findings and Draft Report, November 2005":
Similarly, the following members of the staff of the District of Columbia Public Library provided assistance to the Task Force: Gail Avery, Se'an Crumley, Rose Dawson, Bette Ann Hubbard, Monica Lewis, Jewel Ogonji, Pat Pasqual, Rita Thompson-Joyner and Barbara Webb.

With this from last week's Post:
According to the sources, those dismissed were Jewel Ogonji, head librarian; Angela Purnell, assistant library director for administrative and operational services; Yema Tucker, head of collection development and management; Se'an Crumley, head of information and technology systems; and Barbara Webb, head of neighborhood library services....A blue-ribbon task force appointed by Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) is expected to release a report in about two weeks, [John W.] Hill, [president of the library Board of Trustees,] said. The task force did not recommend the terminations, Hill said.

No, I imagine those assisting the Task Force wouldn't suggest their own terminations.


  1. Perhaps by assisting the task force, they were able to demonstrate how incompetent they are!


  2. How awful/ironic would that be? The lesson I've learned here is to never participate in one at my job! Your chances are better as the co-boss :)


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