06 July 2006

Kathy Henderson's Car Set on Fire

Photo from WUSA9.com

Proof that it's not easy being a Ward 5 ANC Commissioner or Council candidate. Henderson's (5B-10) demeanor in the NBC4 footage is the same that has impressed me in various meetings. Also noted in The Examiner, the Post, and on WUSA9. It should be interesting to see where the investigation leads.

Hat tip to Elise for pointing out a WaPo article written a little over a year ago, "Hazards of ANC Job Outlined."


  1. I would imagine that the more effective you are at cutting into crime, and making the hood nicer, the more likely you will suffer retaliation. Hopefully the ward will elect good people in the fall.

    Congrats on the new redesign and the kudos sent up by Richard Layman! You are a celeb!

  2. Thanks so much for the compliments - that's very sweet.

    Sadly, I agree with you on effectiveness = retaliation....What a way to see you're making progress against the bad element in your 'hood. A former 5A Commissioner told my neighbor and me about the death threats she received some time back for trying to close down some liquor stores in the Woodridge area. Some thanks.

  3. Wow, I hadn't come across that photo. Being an outspoken commissioner in certain areas can be very very dangerous.


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