17 July 2006

ANC-5A07 Meeting - Tuesday, July 18th

What: SMD-5A07 Meeting

When: Tuesday, July 18th, 2006, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Slowe Elementary School, 1404 Jackson Street, NE (not at the library this time - the entrance is on 14th Street next to the playground)

Agenda: Charlie Robinson to discuss the Police Report; John McGaw and Brookland CDC Board to discuss questions about the CDC and the Brookland Main Street Program; Community Concerns

This meeting appears to have been called in response to what Commissioner Boston feels are "issues with the Brookland CDC." Pleaes note that the letter below states Boston's feelings, not mine, verbatim:
Hi everyone,

On Tuesday, July 18th, 6;30p, I will be having an ANC meeting at Slowe Elementary Library. I decided not have a meeting in July, but the issues with the Brookland CDC are very important for the neighborhood. I have invited the Brookland CDC and its board members to the meeting. They have yet to confirm. Yet, they send out this message talking of answering questions.

Why does it take over 2 weeks to answer simple questions on your dealings in the Brookland community? I have great concern for a 501c3 that continuously hides public information.

John McGaw who oversees the MainStreet programs under the office of Economic Development will be attending the meeting to answer questions. He told the community at the CDC annual meeting they were getting $300,000.00 to invest in the Brookland community. He is directly responsible for renewing the Mainstreet contract with the CDC,and helping them get these monies.

I am very concerned over these matters. The CDC could not answer one question concerning their finances at their Annual Meeting. Lavinia would not explain why Deans is still sitting empty. We know they are making money off that lease.

I want to understand who is responsible for the Brookland Parade and how we can improve it?
Lavinia is our Ward 5 Rep to the City for the Complehensive Plan, is a conflict of interest?
Where is the money their making off the parade going?
I would like to know how the art galleries are tied to the CDC?
I want to know what are their plans concerning Historic Preservation?
What is the make up of the Board?
Why are the volunteers and employees not from the Brookland community?

There are several more questions that I have been asking for over a year. Many of you have seen the emails. The CDC keeps trying and doing business concerning the community behind the community's back. This has to stop, especially since they are getting 300 grand. I want to see the Deans contract, everyone should have a copy.

Once again, I am inviting Lavinia Wohlfarth and the Board of Directors out to the July 18th meeting. If John McGaw can come to the meeting. Certainly, Lavinia can come and answer all of our questions.

If you do not see this on the Listserv, someone please post this email for me. Thank you

Please come out to this meeting and support YOUR community. I look forward to seeing everyone there. 6:30 - Slowe Library

ANC Boston

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