12 June 2006

Light Up the Night!

I absolutely love this! From a flyer Ms. Ward handed out at the past couple of ANC-5A meetings:

Porchlights On from Dusk to Dawn

A self-empowering safety project is being launched in your community. Join your neighbors and participate in the "Light Up the Night" program. The next meeting is scheduled for 7pm Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 at 3420 9th Street, NE (across from Colonel Brooks Tavern). For information, call Ms. Perkins at 202.724.8028 or Ms. Ward at 202.526.4508.

My mom taught me early on the value of leaving our porch light on. I often wonder if folks don't do it because they're worried about the cost (never mind the lights we all leave on in rooms we're not in). Energy-efficient fluorescents - available just about everywhere - are definitely the way to go. Sure they cost more, but you get your money's worth both on your PEPCO bill savings and in not having to change the bulb nearly as frequently. Worried about attracting bugs during the warmer months? You can save energy and keep the pests away. Such a small effort from all of us can really make a large impact in making our streets safer at night!


  1. It is a great idea. Maybe we could get pepco to charge 1/2 as much during that time? It would be a good loss-leader for them if people start doing this all the time. I leave my back patio light on all night. it is a small price to pay for piece of mind.

    BTW, congrats on being in DCBlogs today!

  2. Thanks for the congrats! They noticed I've been posting lots of bad news lately, too :)

    We also leave our back light on and are considering installing a motion detector floodlight on the side since our gate was found open twice last week (we're hoping the kids on the block were just running through the yard, but you never know).

    I also wanted to mention that the fluorescent bug lights are easily found at Home Depot and Lowes, but it was impossible for me to find links on their sites.


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