02 June 2006

More Bad News, Good News....

Yesterday afternoon 22-year-old Carrington Lewis Hooper was found fatally stabbed in the 3100 block of Newton Street, NE. All we seem to know now is that the police were called to respond to an "aggravated assault." You can also view the MPD news releases on yesterday's traffic snarls here and here. It's difficult to overlook the fact that those arrested in the stolen vehicle are ages 14 (!), 18, and 20. At this point I don't know what else to say other than the undeniable fact that we must continuously invest in and engage our youth.

While I don't intend to post only the bad news here, I do want to highlight crimes/incidents that are often overlooked in our every day news. I know that before I started tracking every RSS feed, community listerv, and Google Alert I can get my hands on (and the time to read), I was often oblivious to the events around me that weren't reported in the Post or on the evening news. I want this blog to be a good home base to find and share information, but it can not - and will not - be limited to the negative. That being said, without the impetus from knowing about the negative events, we may be less committed to being the positive change we want for our community. Complacency will not lead us to progress.

- - -

So, on to the good news . . . . With some relatively cooler weather on the way, this weekend will be a great time to support our local businesses, including Dwellings, Café Sureia, Basements & Attics, Rita's (2318 Rhode Island Avenue, NE), Carl's Subs (2208 Rhode Island Avenue, NE), and Saint's Bourbon Street (1812 Hamlin Street, NE). Where else do you like to go?

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