01 June 2006

Bad Day on NE Gateway Streets

Around 7am four suspected carjackers were arrested after crashing into several cars and flipping "their" SUV on New York Avenue, NE near Bladensburg Road. Then, at aproximately 8:20am, a gasoline tanker collided with a tractor-trailor on Kenilworth Avenue at Eastern Avenue. The cab of the tanker caught fire; luckily the 7,000 gallons of diesel fuel it was carrying did not. Inbound New York Avenue has reopened, but those using both northbound and southbound 295 should look for alternate routes. Be careful!


  1. not looking good for an uneventful summer!

    my wife got the custard at Rita's. It was good! but i still prefer the water ices.

  2. be careful on the road everyone!


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