02 June 2006

Semi-automatic Sandwich

take a bite out of crime!From MPD:
On Friday, June 2, 2006, at about 9:15 am, a cigarette lighter that resembles a semi-automatic handgun was found in the possession of a 9th grade student who attends McKinley Tech High School, located at 151 T Street, NE.

During the security screening process at the school, a Hawk One Security officer discovered the cigarette lighter handgun replica in the female student's book bag, sandwiched between two slices of bread and wrapped in aluminum foil. The student was suspended. It is unclear why she brought the cigarette lighter handgun replica to school.

This matter was handled entirely by the school. No criminal charges are pending.

Kudos to the school security for finding the "weapon." Again, we must invest in and engage our youth. While I agree with the suspension, what happens from there?


  1. It depends if you like mustard or mayonnaise with your butane.

  2. Both - I'm a bit of a condiment hog.

  3. So this is how bad DC Schools cafeteria food has gotten ...


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