11 August 2006

Surprise! ANC 5A Meeting TOMORROW

I'm puzzled about this, but it's true there couldn't have been a quorum at July's meeting. From neighbors on the Brookland Listserv:
Just wanted to share that we just learned that our ANC 5A (led by commissioner Mary Currie) will be having a meeting at 11AM Saturday (August 12th) at the Turkey Thicket Recreation Center. Apparently this is due to the regular July meeting's quorum failure. If anyone has any issues they want to raise before the next regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 12th, it would be good to try and make this meeting. There is a lot going on in Brookland as you all know and these are excellent opportunites to let you voices be heard.

P.S. We don't know when this meeting was called - we just learned of it today (the day before the meeting.)

My guess is that it may be a continuation of the discussion that nearly devolved into an argument about the forthcoming charrette for the Brookland/CUA Metro development. Yes, an near-argument about a plan to come up with a plan.

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