21 August 2006

Alley Cat Allies Community Meeting - Wednesday, August 23rd

Our neighbors were kind enough to arrange for Alley Cat Allies to handle the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) of the family of feral kittens (and momma) that appeared in our shed not long after we moved in last year. My biggest fear was that our small colony (6-8, give or take) would quickly become it's own sovereign nation of feral cats. Months later, I'm happy to report that all the kitties are still around, sans additions.

While stray and feral cats are not what most folks would consider ideal - we have three very domestic and spoiled felines of our own, so of course I wish everyone had a home - they are a reality in our urban landscape. And you simply cannot turn a feral cat into a snuggly lap warmer. Our colony - along with a few other strays - is fed daily from at least two backyards and seems to be quite content romping around the block, particularly between our yard and the neighbors'. I urge you to attend this meeting and/or support Alley Cat Allies in any way you can. Also see the National Feral Cat Day site (October 16th this year) for additional information.

What: A free community meeting hosted by Alley Cat Allies. Learn what differentiates a feral cat from other domesticated cats. Hear about non-lethal, humane, and effective means of controlling stray and feral cat populations. See what a humane trap looks like. Learn about available spay/neuter resources in the DC area. Come voice your concerns and learn more about what you can do to help your neighborhood cats.

When: Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 at 7pm

Where: Petworth Library, 4200 Kansas Avenue, NW (Georgia Avenue and Upshur Street).

Etc.: For more information about this and other neighborhood cat programs, contact MCATdc@alleycat.org.

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