08 August 2006

Public DCPL Board of Trustees Meeting - Wednesday, August 9th

What: The first Trustees meeting held since the arrival of new DCPL director, Ginnie Cooper.

When: Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 at 6pm

Where: Chevy Chase Branch Library, 5625 Connecticut Avenue, NW

I've been told that a members of the Tenley community will be there protesting the ongoing closure - since December 2004 - of their branch. I hope folks from Anacostia, Benning, and Watha T. Daniel/Shaw do the same.

- - -

Robin Diener, Director of the DC Library Renaissance Project, passed along this interesting tidbit from the Washington Business Journal:
Nat'l Geographic pictures itself at new District site

The National Geographic Society is looking to migrate east, to the sprawling site of D.C.'s old convention center.

The media organization, based in a nearby three-building complex at 17th and M streets NW, is pursuing a deal with D.C. officials to build a museum, retail and entertainment complex -- and possibly office space -- on the city-owned portion of the property.

You should be able to read the entire article if you have a subscription (unfortunately I don't). Now, go straight to the comments, where NGS employee, imgoph, tells us this is nothing more than a delicious rumor.


  1. I work at NGS, and trust me, that rumor is just a rumor. We're not moving to the convention center spot...

  2. Thanks - definitely good to know - grrr, Washington Biz Journal and its salacious lies :)...But, damn, that would have made the site easier for me to embrace the main library plans if/when MLK moves there! Guess you'll still be working right down the street from me....

  3. jaime, while it is a rumor that we're moving to the convention center spot, it turns out that there are people here on staff who are actively looking a the "possibility" of NGS moving somewhere where we'd be more of a "destination". take what you will from that, it sounds vague to me too...

    where do you work down this way?

  4. I can see why NGS would want to be in a spot considered more "destination" (I take that to mean "tourist") worthy. From the few meetings I've been able to attend, that central-destinationy-type vibe seems to be the overall plan for that site, even though the main library plans should have residents' needs/wishes at the top of it's agenda. But I digress....

    Even though my boss and our chief know about the blog, our biggest boss doesn't, so I'd rather not out myself here. But you're welcome to email me at jaime [at]stopblogandroll [dot] com since I don't have your contact info. And I have a question or two about the NGS photo lab.


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