26 August 2006

Because Same-Sex Marriage Doesn't Start with "E"

I can only guess how much The Washington Times despises the other Democratic candidates if it's willing to devote 779 words to the big O. Nearly two weeks after casting judgment on the morality of his opponents, Orange now says "...one of the key differences between himself and other candidates is that he is the only one who recognizes that the city's economic development has occurred according to a 40-point plan called 'The Economic Resurgence of Washington, D.C.' and developed by the city council in 1998." It gets a bit warmer and fuzzier in the following paragraph, but all I really want to know at this point is if "bring[ing] in the citizens" means just the straight ones?

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    Does anyone know about Ward 5 councilmember Independent candidate Miriam Moore and her Republican mayoral candidate husband Dennis Moore?

    I Googled and found them at www.MooreForPeople.com

    Where has the media been on these two? What an interesting pair they would make for conversation!

    Can anyone give me their honest opinion about any one of them? I am really hesitant to vote based on the same old "front-runner" hype this year. - Thanks!


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