24 May 2006

Two Homicides in NE Early This Morning - What We Can Do About It

photo from www.stieglitz.org
(photo from www.stieglitz.org)

Police responded to the first shooting, at 1265 Simms Place, NE, just after midnight; 26-year-old Darrius Jerome Dyson was pronounced dead with a gunshot wound to the head. At approximately 3:21am, police located 44-year-old Verone Ray Carter inside a vehicle in the 3600 block of Eastern Avenue, NE, suffering from fatal, multiple gunshot wounds to the body.

***UPDATE: 3 men were stabbed this afternoon at the Rhode Island Avenue Home Depot parking lot, an "unofficial day-laborer site." Word on the Brookland listserv is that 2 of the men have since died . . . .***

Please, if possible, attend your ANC, PSA, CAC, and civic association meetings (see sidebar for as-complete-as-possible info). Join the Coalition of Concerned Neighbors (I will add that info to the sidebar soon). Join listservs, start a blog; call and write letters to your Commissioner, Council member, and the Mayor. Walk with your neighborhood Orange Hats . . . . The louder we are, the quieter our community will become.

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