26 May 2006

Not Even an Armored Car Can Protect You....

Mental note: Add PSA meeting info to sidebar...put reminders up here for each and every monthly meeting affecting the Ward 5 community (501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 405)...be sure to attend my own....

Yesterday morning at approximately 10:20am, "a guard with the Dunbar Armored Car Company had just left the Safeway Food Store located at 1601 Maryland Avenue, NE, and was near his vehicle when two men approached him. One of the subjects produced a handgun, grabbed a bag containing an undetermined amount of cash, and shot the guard before fleeing. The guard suffered a gunshot wound to the body and was taken to an area hospital and admitted in stable condition." WaPo link here (not even B01 material?).

in case you didn't notice me robbing the armored car....I know shit happens, and this was certainly no way to start the day, but must you shoot someone after they give you what you want?! Then again, I suppose if you have the cajones to wear an "orange and yellow visibility vest" whilst robbing an armored guard in broad daylight, what the hell do you care?

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