19 May 2006

Gateway Arts District Open Studio Tour Saturday, May 20th

The ultimate in multitasking fun! Come out to support community bloggers Sean Hennessey and Rania Hassan and local arts at the annual Mount Rainier Day Festival (10am-7pm) and the Gateway Arts District Open Studio Tour (12-5pm). Sean has posted detailed info and directions to his and Rania's studio at the Washington Glass School here. I hope to make it out between morning and afternoon work commitments (I'm not complaining - BEA is like heaven for me).

I can't help but see the opportunities for Woodridge's "gateway" by partnering with the budding arts district just steps away. This should not be overlooked by our ANC or the Council. I guess the pestering starts here.

Also of note on Saturday: A tour of the Florida Market area, hosted by Richard Layman and Elise of Frozen Tropics. Count me in for next month!

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  1. I am a big fan of the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area which is the state of Maryland designated heritage area for the part of PG County abutting your lovely Woodridge neighborhood.

    I went to a conference they had last month and it was great. In fact I guess I am now a member.

    I think DC needs to create a companion heritage area to link up with the Maryland initiative. E.g., it is the PG County Parks and Rec. dept. that is advocating for the Nat. Arboretum to put in a dock so that they can bring Anacostia River tour boats down from the Bladensburg Waterfront Park.

    Similarly, in the arts arena, I think the city of Washington could do a much better job, as MD is doing with its state-designated arts districts.

    I have a link to ATHA as well as the Gateway Arts district on my blog.

    In the spirit of regionalism, it will probably behoove you to begin a section of Maryland links...

    The next big thing that way is a PG County heritage bike tour, I think June 3rd, a Saturday. (I will be in New Orleans.)


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