12 May 2006

Posts I Hope to Make Sooner Rather than Later

Though gathering and posting the information on community meetings takes some time, it's not nearly as involved as crafting opinionated posts on issues I feel strongly about, or transcribing the detailed notes I take at the meetings I'm able to attend. With that in mind, I figured in the meantime I could offer up a short list that I hope to address soon, with relevant links:

Anything else you'd like to see here?


  1. Interesting list of topics. I didn't know the Newton Theatre had been added to DC's list of historic sites.

  2. Have you made an endorsement for mayor as of yet? Also what about DC statehood for a topic?

  3. Hateful: For Mayor, moi. Oh, wrong answer....What I do know is that I don't want Orange. Unfortunately, I haven't made it to any of the mayoral debates yet, and you know how debates get me all hot and bothered :)

    On DC Statehood - yes, I absolutely want to address that, and I will one of these days (I have such a back-log at this point). But in the meantime, I suggest signing up for DC Vote's mailing list, and pretend the messages are being sent by me.

  4. You need to redate this thing if you are going to repost it.

  5. My apologies - I'm having some issues with older posts in the conversion to Blogger Beta. I'm in the midst of going back and labeling all my older posts and should be done by today or tomorrow.


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