24 April 2006

Ward 5 Council Candidate Forum TONIGHT, Monday, April 24th

What: Ward 5 Council Candidate Forum

When: Monday, April 24th, 2006 at 7pm

Where: Bertie Backus Middle School, 5171 South Dakota Avenue, NE (between Hamilton and Galloway Streets near the Ft. Totten Metro)

Who: Joe Harris, III; Regina James; Ron Magnus; Bruce Marshall; Miriam Moore; Audrey Ray; Steve Rynecki; Debbie Smith; Carolyn Steptoe; Harry Thomas, Jr.; Frank Wilds; Vera Winfield; Raenelle Zapata

A bit more detail from this week's DC Watch:

Ward 5 Council Candidates Forum, April 24
Hazel Thomas, thomashazelb@aol.com

The Ward 5 Democrats organization will host a Ward 5 council candidates forum on Monday, April 24, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Bertie Backus Middle School, 5100 South Dakota Avenue, NE. Backus School is located on South Dakota Avenue between Hamilton and Galloway Streets near the Ft. Totten Metro Station. The program will begin with a brief business meeting and conclude with announcements about upcoming economic development and community projects; however, the focus of the meeting will be the Ward 5 Council candidates forum. The Forum is planned to give Ward 5 residents an opportunity to review the key platform issues of all the candidates competing for the Ward 5 City Council seat. Critical topics to be addressed include: housing, economic development, employment, public safety issues, youth, family, seniors and retiree issues. Each of the candidates will have two minutes to give an opening statement, followed by questions from a media panel, and questions from the audience. The forum will conclude with a closing statement from each candidate.

As of April 19, the persons who have filed their candidacy for Ward 5 Council seat with the DC Board of Elections or the Office of Campaign Finance are: Joe Harris, III, Regina James, Ron Magnus, Bruce Marshall, Miriam Moore, Audrey Ray, Steve Rynecki, Debbie Smith, Carolyn Steptoe, Harry Thomas, Jr., Frank Wilds, Vera Winfield, and Raenelle Zapata.

This is the second in a series of candidate forums hosted by Ward 5 Democrats. On March 27, the organization hosted an audience of 300 at Israel Baptist Church to presentations from the five primary candidates running for mayor. On May 22, the organization will present candidates vying for the At-Large and Council Chairman seats at McKinley Technology School, 4th and T Streets, NE (near the New York and Florida Avenues METRO station, just north of the FEDX office. For more information about the Ward 5 Democrats' Mayoral Forum, contact Anita Bonds, Chair of the Ward 5 Democrats at 492-1199, or Hazel Bland Thomas, Press Officer, at 491-4295.

As usual, I'm unable to make this forum due to an ongoing Monday evening commitment....Please, if you go, send along any observations in the comments. Also note the three Mayoral Candidate forums this week: tonight's hosted by the Crestwood Neighborhood League, tomorrow's hosted by Trinity University; and Wednesday's (while I'm at the ANC-5A monthly meeting - I will make it to one these forums soon!) hosted by Edgewood Terrace.

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