20 April 2006

2nd Arrest Made in Connection with Carjacking and Robbery Spree

From the latest update in the WaPo, it looks like the 16-year-old kid arrested at the National Zoo early Tuesday is connected:
Police officials said they also had renewed interest in the 16-year-old District youth arrested after a car chase early Tuesday. The pursuit began about 12:30 a.m. after police spotted another Nissan that had been carjacked just an hour earlier in Northeast Washington.

The youth was caught inside the National Zoo, arrested and charged with unlawful entry. Police said Tuesday afternoon they did not think he was connected to the spate of crimes.

That night, crime scene technicians realized a key seized from the youth belonged to another carjacked vehicle, a Chevrolet Tahoe stolen in Northeast Washington Monday afternoon, police said.

And there's just nothing better than getting caught in front of a pawnshop tearing the speakers out of a stolen vehicle:

John West was ordered held without bail pending a hearing Friday in D.C. Superior Court. West, of no fixed address, was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of a pawnshop on Georgia Avenue NW. He was driving one of the carjacked vehicles, a tan Chevrolet Blazer, police said.

As West tried to rip out one of the speakers in the hopes of selling it to the pawnshop, he was arrested, police said. In West's pocket, investigators found the key to the carjacked vehicle of the off-duty officer, police said.

Video of the carjacking at the Universal Ballet Academy on Harewood Road NE here.

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