04 April 2006

Still Here....

There's nothing like a kick-ass case of the flu to knock the momentum out of everything you've been working on....Before the virus I was deftly (imho) juggling a number of "extracurricular" activities, including this blog, attending community meetings, taking Shambhala Buddhism classes, working on improv 2-3 days/evenings a week, volunteering for WIT, washing the dishes every so often, etc. Getting sick just showed me how close to the edge I was. At any rate, I'm getting back on track, and I wanted to let any readers still out there know.

Also, I know I've mentioned it before, but I feel my absence requires me to say it again: I want this blog to be useful to the Ward 5 community and DC as a whole. Please send me any links, news, updates, etc. that will help further this mission.

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