20 April 2006

If Only Something Rhymed with Orange...

Photo by Lois Raimondo - The Washington Post
I want to believe that Jura Koncius, author of "The House of Orange" in today's WaPo, was snickering while writing "[t]he man whose name is plastered on 10,000 orange-and-blue 'Vincent Orange for Mayor' signs sprouting from utility poles from Anacostia to American University Park has a serious thing for his namesake color." Snickering, that is, about Orange having a thing for his namesake's color, not about plastering the city's utility poles with his campaign posters. The latter just isn't all that funny....

Oh, and then there's the line, "The guy is a walking theme park." Perhaps I'm reading far too much into this, but this clearly isn't just in reference to Orange's affinity to orange, but it also alludes to "his occasionally over-the-top publicity stunts: He has pumped gas to draw attention to its high cost, and he has made a folksy 10-minute biographical video to show at fundraising events. In speeches, he quotes -- and performs -- from the music of James Brown."

Well, you read this Home & Garden piece for yourself and then take a stab at the other Orange coverage in WaPo here and here. Personally, I'd like a bit more substance from the largest paper in the region as we enter the last 4 1/2 months of the mayoral race.

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  1. I was informed last night in my musical improv class that "door hinge" is a fail-safe rhyme for "orange." Whodathunk?


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