12 February 2006

Woodridge Coalition of Concerned Neighbors Meeting Monday, February 13th

What: Woodridge Coalition of Concerned Neighbors Meeting

When: Monday, February 13, 2006 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Where: Woodridge Library, 18th and Rhode Island Avenue, NE (202.541.6226)

Special Guests: Vincent B. Orange - Ward 5 Council Member to discuss Ward 5 accomplishments of 2005 and the future plans for 2006; Commander Jennifer Greene - 5D Police Department; Mr. Bruce Marshall, Esq. - Candidate for Ward 5 Council Seat; Bill Rice - Spokesperson for the DC Department of Transportation to provide an update on the community's concerns

Notes: The community has been informed that illegal dumping in the Woodridge area street, sidewalks, and alleys is being investigated. Please keep your eyes open for violators. With unity and determination, we can make this community a better and more suitable place to live. In union, strong success is assured.

Contact: Ms. Lloyd at 202.903.6197 or 202.257.0001, concernneighbors@aol.com

Since we've been in the neighborhood, I've yet to make it to one of these meetings - I typically have class on Mondays when they are held. If any one is attending, or has attended in the past, please leave notes/comments/etc. here.

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