09 February 2006

Programming Update...

I've had an epiphany of sorts. In many ways I've been hoping this blog would organically evolve into "something," but I didn't quite know what that something was. Well, turns out that often the most obvious is the hardest to see clearly. I want this to be a community blog. I've been linking to many of them now for months, reading them for longer: Frozen Tropics, In Shaw, Bloomingdale, and Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space(community from a much more policy oriented point of view). While it would be a lie for me to say that I agreed with everything these bloggers write about, I can honestly say they are all invaluable community resources.

Lately, most of my (infrequent) posts have been focused on my neighborhood and its environs, rather than on the latest national scandal or my own personal drama (though I must argue that the RAC postings were both community oriented and personal drama, and that's just fine here). I've nothing against those kinds of blogs; I read and enjoy those blogs. But that's not the direction SBR (thanks, Jess) is headed. My energy is better spent attempting to positively impact both my community and DC at large rather than trying to outwit Michelle Malkin in a forum that sees less than 1/10,000 of her net traffic.

I admire the bloggers I mentioned above, and I hope they aren't ashamed three months from now when I'm still linking to them; for your sake, let's hope I've learned something from reading their blogs. Please chime in, send me links and news I've missed, and stumble through these growing pains with me.

Thank you. We now return you to your newly scheduled programming....

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  1. hey!

    i'm glad you read my blog. I was completely inspired by Frozen Tropics ans In Shaw. and Rebuilding Space... is has just sooo much information.

    Its good stuff keeping focused on the community we live in, as well as seeing how the actions of the city affect us...

    keep it up.

    bloomingdale blog guy.


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