20 February 2006

Greater Brookland Business Association, Inc. Monthly Meeting Wednesday, February 22nd

What: The Greater Brookland Business Association, Inc. (GBBA) Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006 at 6:30pm

Where: Ryan's Funeral Home on 12th Street, NE

Agenda: (taken nearly verbatim from a posting on the Brookland Listserv) This meeting is of particular interest for DC businesses as Mid-City Urban Development, the developer of the planned $100 million Rhode Island Metro project, is expected to make a presentation to the group.

From the GBBA:
The position of the GBBA is to impress upon this and other developers that most of the good and services they will need to build the project and to operate it after it is built are available right here from DC businesses. Most often, development projects are built with no DC businesses involved but with plenty of DC tax dollars. We are interested in:

1) making sure developers are aware of good and services available locally,

2) making the DC Council, ANCs, and other approving entities require participation of DC businesses as a condition of their approval, and

3) making it known that DC Residents and Businesses are active in the success or failure of development projects in DC.

Plan to attend and find out what is proposed and how, as a DC based business, you can participate in this and other development projects. You will also meet many of the other business owners in the Greater Brookland Area. A good turnout will also impress on the developers, DC Council Members, and ANC Commissioners that the Brookland area residents and businesses are involved, and care about what projects get approved in our area.

Unfortunately I can't make it to this one - I'll be trying to make it to the ANC-5A meeting the same night. My assumption is that the 5A Commissioners will be at their own meeting, rather than this one. This meeting should also be of great interest to residents of Edgewood, Eckington, Brentwood, and Bloomingdale.

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