21 October 2007

Quick Links

I'm on my way out of town for a week, so posting will be light-to-nil. I don't have the time to create posts for each of the links below, but I wanted to share them in case you missed them in the news this week (and I think this may be a good way for me to get info out quickly and more frequently):

» "1300 Rhode Island Avenue - New Name, New Birthday" - DCmud, Friday, October 19th - The "1300 Rhode Island Avenue" development is now dubbed "Brookland Square"
» "Academy Expands Facility, and Hope" - WaPo, Thursday, October 18th - Inspirational news from the Academy of Hope, now located in Edgewood Terrace
» "4 Catholic schools to fight charter conversion" - The Examiner, October 18th - St. Francis de Sales in Woodridge is one of the schools trying to escape charter conversion; St. Anthony's in Brookland will remain under the Archdiocese of Washington's umbrella
» "Owner's letter OKs crackdown" - The Washington Times, October 18th - The company managing the Rhode Island Place shopping center has authorized the MPD to crack down on crimes being committed by day laborers who go there seeking work

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