26 October 2007

The Library Saloon's Open House for Brookland - Saturday, October 27th

In response to the recent grumblings from the Brookland community, The Library Saloon is having an open-house with free food and soda tomorrow night for the locals from 5-7 p.m. Additionally, owners Brian Westlye and Gaynor Jablonski recently posted the following response to reoccurring complaints on the Brookland listserv:
1- We appreciate all of the feedback we have received, both positive
and negative, with that feedback we can do our best to try and give Brookland residents a place they can enjoy. Keep it coming please!

2- As of this week our beer selection will be increased to more than three times of what we were originally carrying. Unfortunately, due to the size of our cooler and amount of draft lines we have, a majority of the selections will be in bottles. They range from a nice selection of Light beers to select imports and a few micro-brews. Please come check that out sometime later this week.

3- The glass issue is a work in progress. Glass will be used until a certain point in the evenings where it gets extremely busy. We have been working very hard with our Security staff to do our best to prevent any cups leaving our establishment.

4- The surly bartender who has drawn the ire of many Brooklanders (and us) has been let go. We are currently looking for a new bartender with a more sunny disposition. I myself will be there on Tuesday through Happy Hour if anyone would like to come in and give me some feedback in person.

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