03 October 2007

Brookland Preservation Meeting - TONIGHT

Photo courtesy of Dan Vera
Concerned Brookland resident Dan Vera has called an emergency preservation meeting this evening:
We're having a meeting this evening at 6 p.m. to see what can be done about the beautiful art-moderne façade imperiled in Brookland at the 10th Street market. We'll be meeting there to look at the beautiful tiling underneath and then having coffee or whatever at Cardinal's Nest in the complex.

If you only know this place from the last 30 years of its being covered up, you really owe it to yourself to see what lies underneath. It is reminiscent of the Stop-and-Shop on Connecticut Avenue, and we're trying to get people to do what they can to stop further demolition.

It's a glimpse into Brookland's unique beauty.

I know it is short notice but you can do something about this. We all can.

Hope you can join us. We *especially* need old hands in historic preservation.

6 p.m. Tonight!
Cardinal's Nest, 3748 10th Street NE (across from Turkey Thicket)

» You can view Dan's photos, taken today, here.

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