20 August 2007

Brookland Woman Raped, Forced to Take Out Money From ATMs

Absolutely sickening - my heart goes out to the victim. Any thoughts thoughts on this summer's uptick in near-Metro muggings (and now rape)?

From ABC7:
D.C. Police say a woman was sexually assaulted inside her Northeast apartment Friday night, then taken to ATMs around the area and forced to withdraw money before the suspect fled.

Officers say the victim was returning to her basement apartment on the 900 block of Perry Place, NE when she was grabbed and dragged inside before being raped and beaten.

Investigators say her attacker then forced the victim into a vehicle and drove to different locations where she was ordered to withdraw money from her bank account.

Police say after visiting several ATM locations, the suspect returned to the victims apartment where he fled on foot.

While it isn't the ultimate protection from maniacs, think about purchasing pepper spray - it's legal in the District, though it must be registered with MPD. I purchased mine from Arnold Passman of Live Safe America when he spoke on personal safety at my office; if you tell him you live in DC, he can supply you with the proper paperwork to file. And, for the love of god, leave your porch light on, and ask your neighbors to do the same.


  1. Absolutely horrible. I'm getting sick of the things that are going on in DC and in the whole country. I almost wish Batman was real...lol. What the hell is wrong with people?

    I can't believe you have to register pepper spray. Do the bad guys have to register pepper spray? It just makes it more of a pain in the ass for good people to get it and probably so much so that they don't even get it. All of these gun and related laws just seem to help the bad guys.

  2. Not even safe in your own home...damn shame. I hope they catch that fool who did that.

    Also, for the home, security systems are good, as well as a light that is motion-activated for nights. When I come home late at night, I'm glad my outdoor light comes on automatically.

    It is a scary world out there.

  3. I believe you can buy pepper spray at the Law Enforcement Memorial gift shop in Chinatown. Thanks for the reminder - I'll pick up some on my lunchbreak tomorrow.

  4. I hope they catch this creep. Register pepper spray? What a joke. I guess you have to get permission before using it as well?

    Maybe if DC didn't make things so hard for law abiding citizens to protect themselves from this scum, these crimes would not be happening at this rate.

  5. My fiancee was just mugged at gunpoint at 12:30 coming out of the Brookland metro. He came out the Catholic U. side, and then walked to the right under the bridge and back along that little road towards Monroe. That's where it happened - a couple of teenagers surrounded him and took his wallet at gunpoint. PLEASE tell your friends in the area not to walk through that little area. The thing is, he's noticed this group of guys before hanging around our house, so it will be easy to identify them if he sees them again. This makes me sick with anxiety, however. It happened in broad daylight.

  6. I know some people won't like this answer much, but shotguns are legal in the District as well (you have to fill an assload of paperwork out first). Take a gun safety class / self defense class and invest in a pump action. 99% of the time if someone hears the sound of a pump action being cocked they'll turn the hell around and leave.

  7. My wife's best friend's mom just got mugged at gunpoint in the northwest about 2 weeks ago.

    With more than 50% of the kids dropping out of high school no wonder they resort to mugging. It's everyone's problem: the parents, the schools, the government, and the community. Something has to start changing around here.

  8. I was absolutely sickened to read about this rape (and robbery). I feel so sorry for the victim -- and nervous myself. I live not far from the victim. Perry Place NE is a quiet cul-de-sac. I suppose that makes it easy for such a criminal to lie in wait of his victim without worry about witnesses.

  9. Nathan,

    Unfortunately, shotguns must be bound with a trigger lock or unloaded at all times unless kept at your place of business, so they are not much use unless you intend to throw the gun at the criminal or club him with it.

    I spoke with an MPD Sgt. recently who after asking around told me that pepper spray does not need to be registered in the District, so I'll try to clear up that contradiction.

    Kris Hammond
    Advisory Neighborhood Comissioner

  10. Feel so bad for the lady!!! Really horrible. Being a lady myself I am just worried little bit more now. But I am more cautious then her., as I already keep Peeper Spray and Stun Gun for my personal Security. If anyone attempts to do such things to me, I am confident that not only I will be able to protect myself but also will be able to teach him a good lesson.

  11. I gave pepper spray to all my friends for Christmas this year. I even gave one friend a stun gun. Most states you can carry these items around. And they are small so you can easily put them in a purse. There are some stun guns that even look like cell phones.

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