23 August 2007

Clean-up at Emery Elementary - Saturday, August 25th

In conjunction with the Annual DCPS Beautification Day, the residents of Eckington have coordinated a "Clean-up Green-up" at Emery Elementary.

When: Saturday, August 25th, 9am-2pm

Where: Emery Elementary School, 1720 1st Street, NE

Details: Demonstrate your concern for the community and our young people by helping to fix up the outside of the school and the surrounding grounds before classes begin Monday.

We will tackle the following projects:
· Paint the outside doors around the building
· Fill a 50ft x 8 ft tree box with topsoil and plant flowers in it
· Set up tree boxes for our fall planting of trees from Casey Trees
· Create a new garden bed in front of the school
· Prune and remove branches from a large tree behind the school
· Weed and edge sidewalks and sweep the parking lot.

We have the tools and supplies but what we really need is you!

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