25 April 2007

WTF?! Another Child Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver in NE

From WUSA9:
A child was struck around 10 p.m. Tuesday night in Northeast.

DC Police say a 6-year-old was hit by a car in the 5000 block of Jay Street. Police are looking for the vehicle but no description of the car has been released yet.

The child has been transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A. You are a completely useless human being if you can plow down a child (or anyone for that matter) and then continue on your merry way. Once you upgrade from "hit" to "hit-and-run," manslaughter should no longer be an option on the table.

B. Why the hell was a 6-year-old out in the street, let alone at 10pm? Yes, I know kids will run where they want, when they want, but there are far too many small children crossing busy intersections and running into streets (busy or not - all it takes is one car) without any parental/adult supervision in sight. Please, please, PLEASE guardians, dust off the tight leash and use it - particularly with our little ones.

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  1. Useless "human being?" I think not. More like "useless piece of sh*t." :-(

  2. I agree - and you know better than anyone that I readily employ the sh*t and f*#k words in person, and did so in this case. But here, I have to leave it to the commenters ;)


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