22 April 2007

Brookland Multi-Modal Transportation & Streetscape Study Final Community Meeting - Tuesday, April 24th

Brookland's envisioned Main Street - Image from Baker Projects
What: The Final Community Meeting for the Brookland Multi-Modal Transportation and Streetscape Study (not to be confused with the ongoing Brookland/CUA Metro Small Area Plan)

When: Tuesday, April 24th, 2007, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Saint Anthony's Church cafeteria, 3400 12th Street NE (between Lawrence and Monroe Streets)

Study Goals and Objectives
· Enhance transit connectivity, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, accessibility, and efficiency.
· Reduce traffic congestion at key intersections.
· Reduce impact of truck traffic on residential neighborhoods.
· Lay the groundwork for future transportation investments.
· Reinforce a sense of place through creative and sustainable urban design, and create a safe, inviting, and interesting public realm that supports diversity of use and activities.

Check the project website to view and download the final report (March 2007, 166 page PDF).

For questions and special accommodations, please contact Sharlene Reed, Ward 5 Transportation Planner (Sharlene.Reed@dc.gov; 202.671.0493), or William Carlson (wcarlson@volkert.com; 703.642.8100).

Brookland's envisioned residential area - Image from Baker Projects

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