23 April 2007

7-Year-Old Girl Killed in NE Hit-and-Run

**UPDATE** Reports are now saying that Crysta Spencer was 6-years-old, and would have turned 7 on May 7th. She may not have been in the crosswalk, and her mother was watching from their stoop on Sixth Street. While this moment isn't the best for doling out responsibility, why wasn't Crysta's mother helping her cross the street?

MPD has issued a look-out for a green Ford Explorer or a green Toyota 4Runner with tinted windows, front-end damage, and unknown Maryland license plates. Notify MPD at 202.727.9099 if you have any information.

From NBC4:
A child has died after being struck by a vehicle in northeast D.C., authorities said.

Shortly before 4:30 p.m. Monday, police went to the intersection of Sixth Street and Orleans Place and found a 7-year-old girl unconscious. Police said a vehicle struck the girl and fled the scene.

The girl suffered serious injuries and was taken to an area hospital. She later died.

Police said the girl was crossing Sixth Street to go to an after-school program when she was struck by a green vehicle, possibly an SUV, traveling north on Sixth. The vehicle may have had Maryland license plates.

» WaPo's article on the tragedy


  1. i live near there.
    it makes me SO MAD!

    i hope that this person does the right thing, and turns themself in.


  2. This tears my heart out. I will never understand leaving a human being (a *child* no less) in the street to die like an animal. There are no words to describe the monster that did this.

    It happens all too often (read the news out of Atlanta - there are fatality hit-and-runs all the time). What could possibly be cross-circuited to create unfeeling psychopaths like this?


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