26 November 2006

First Public Meeting for Brookland/CUA Metro Station Plan - Wednesday, November 29th

Brookland Metro photo by Richard Layman
What: The purpose of the meeting is to present information to the community concerning current conditions in and around the Brookland/CUA Metro Station Area.

When: Wednesday, November 29th, 2006, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Noyes Elementary School Auditorium, 2725 10th Street, NE

RSVP/Additional Info: RSVP to 202.610.0005 or rsvp@jsallc.com. For more information on the Brookland/CUA Metro Station Area Plan contact Deborah Crain with the DC Office of Planning at 202.442.7615.

At least one citizens' committee meeting has taken place - this will be the first time the rest of the community will be able attend since the charette was first proposed. Note that this is scheduled on the same evening as the upcoming ANC-5A meeting.


  1. Would it be possible to obtain minutes from the meeting held on 11/29/2006?


  2. Good question - while I was actually able to attend this meeting, I didn't really take notes, per se. I have the handouts and impressions from the residents who spoke/yelled during the Q&A, and I'll attempt to relay those soon. (Sidenote - I don't often make it to community meetings due to other committments, but when I do, I tend to take copious notes that go no further than my notebook - go figure)


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