02 November 2006

Learn About the Benefits of Composting - Monday, November 6th

What: DC Master Gardeners will explain the many benefits of turning leaves, kitchen scraps and yard waste into an organic, earth-friendly soil amendment that your garden plants will love.

Nature doesn’t waste anything, so why should we? Ed Bruske and John Wheeler, two composting experts, will show simple and economical ways to recycle the organic material around your home. You’ll spend less time bagging leaves. You’ll make fewer trips to the garden center and save money. Learn about composting systems designed for urban and small-scale gardening.

Where: Turkey Thicket Recreation Center, multi-purpose room, 1100 Michigan Avenue, NE

When: Monday, Nov. 6, 2006 at 7pm

Contact DC Master Gardeners with any questions you might have about composting.

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