08 January 2008

Woodridge Dunkin' Donuts on Rhode Island Ave. Closes

The latest blow for Woodridge's Rhode Island Avenue commercial corridor: our Dunkin' Donuts has closed its doors. While a PSA 502 officer reported yesterday on the MPD-5D listserv that the store was temporarily boarded up due to a fire a few back, it looks like the close is permanent....From Central Baking Company partner Chris Mellgren:
We were forced to close the store due to poor business demand and security issues at the location. We were saddened to have to close the site but the store had been losing significant amounts of money last year and to add to that it was robbed 6 times in 2007 [emphasis mine].

We are looking for another location in the neighborhood but somewhere that is more secure and will generate more guest visits. In the meantime we have a location at 400 Rhode island NW at the corner of Rhode Island and New Jersey Avenue [1739 New Jersey Avenue NW].


  1. rania and i were quite dismayed by the closing. whenever we got out to mount ranier, which is often, we stop and get coffee there.

    we saw it boarded up the other day and let out yells of mourning.

  2. I've been to that location a couple of times, but it was a little wonky to get in and out of. Still, I was thrilled there was a Baskin & Robbin closer than the 'burbs! They should move up to the complex with Giant and Home Depot, which would make more sense really.

    It's too bad crime continues to mar our desire to make DC a safe place not only for its citizens, but also for its businesses.

  3. a friend of mine was just about to buy a house right behind that DD, but after the inspection, he and his wife backed out of the contract (it needed a TON of work).

    i was excited, because i'd be able to grab donuts every time i would go to visit him. guess none of that's going to happen now.


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