24 January 2008

5A-07 Commissioner and ANC-5A Officer Election Results

From Don Padou, newly elected Commissioner of SMD 5A-07:
Hello Neighbors

Tonight's election results are in, and the biggest surprise to me was the turnout. It seemed like most of the neighborhood was there, and that was great. I was also surprised and pleased that I won.

I want to thank everyone who came out to vote. I particularly want to thank the gentleman who stopped off to vote on his way to the airport--that's the kind of attitude that makes Brookland a special place.

The way I look at it, Brookland just hired me for a job and I certainly plan to do the best I can. If you have any problems you think I can help you with, please drop me an email or give me a call at (202) 832-4038.


Congrats to Don!

- - -

ANC-5A Officers for 2008:

Chair - Angel Alston, 5A-03
Vice Chair - Mary Baird-Currie, 5A-06
Recording Secretary - Janae Grant, 5A-11
Treasurer - Sandi Washington, 5A-01
Corresponding Secretary - Timothy Thomas, 5A-08
Parliamentarian - Robert King, 5A-12

Personal "I-have-an-issue" moment: Angel Alston was 5A's 2007 Recording Secretary, and we've yet to see any minutes posted from last year....How does that past record jive with her newly elected position as Chair?

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