20 September 2007

Dwellings Will Be Closing Soon

Less than a month after Basements & Attics abruptly closed, Brookland's Dwellings will be closing soon:
Dear Friends & Customers,

It is with much sadness that we must announce that Dwellings will be closing at the end of October 2007. Although it was our desire to be a part of the Brookland landscape for many years to come, the store was not growing at a rate that could ultimately sustain itself. We truly enjoyed serving the Brookland community and will miss the relationships that we established with so many of you. We sincerely thank you for your patronage during the past 2 1/2 years.

Yours truly,
Roz Moore

This is a terrible loss and a severe blow to the revitalization of Brookland's retail core. While many in Brookland want to see a more dynamic and successful commercial "main street" along 12th Street, the fact remains that the neighborhood's density, along with the selection of businesses, are factors in the corridor's struggle to become a destination for shoppers. And while we'd all like shops and restaurants that serve "us" (however broadly or narrowly each resident defines "us"), we have two university communities right next door who would also utilize a commercial strip that serves them. I'd love to see the same number of CUA and Trinity students populating 12th Street Thursday-Saturday as I normally see on the Metro platform, taking their money out of Brookland and down the Red Line.

Would promoting that type of foot-traffic have kept these two stores open? Would it be the impetus for more - and better quality - sit-down restaurants along 12th?

We all seem to know what we want, but too often fight our neighbors and proposed density that will help get us there.


  1. Sad, but maybe a chance for rebirth. Perhaps stores need to close to provide a clean slate for the type of businesses people with spending power have been begging for (quality sit down restaurants, 'hip' lounges, and others that would make it a destination and not just a place to drive through when you want some wings, or crappy hardware service). 12th street needs a massive takover. The success of Yes! Organic should tell us something. It is only then when more foot traffic has been generated that a store like "Dwellings" could survive.

  2. As a CUA student, I would love to be able to go places in Brookland. The problem is there is really nowhere to go for us. And, unfortunately, sometimes when we do go there, we get mugged.
    I think it will take some growth in the neighborhood (new apartments/houses) and perhaps a bit of (gasp) gentrification before more businesses are sustainable in the area and can draw students in.
    It is a shame, I'm really quite jealous of the schools that have shops, restaurants, etc right near campus.


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