19 September 2007

Chungs Close Custom Cleaners in NE

Despite successfully defending themselves against judge Roy Pearson and his $67 million pants (generously reduced by Pearson to $54 million), the Chung family has closed two of its three Custom Cleaners, including the 3174 Bladensburg Road, NE location. If you live or work near the Convention Center, consider taking your delicates to their Happy Cleaners shop at 7th and M, NW while they fight Pearson's appeal.

» "Chung Family Closes Custom Cleaners" - DCist
» "Financial, Emotional Toll Too Much on Dry Cleaners" - WTOP
» "Family Sells Cleaners Caught In $54 Million Lawsuit" - NBC4
» "Business Sold After Million-Dollar Pant Suit Case" - WUSA9

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