26 July 2007

Two Decade Fight Over Waste Transfer Station in Brentwood

Photo by Michael Lutzky - The Washington Post
For nearly two decades, Ruth J. Wilson and other activists in Brentwood have asked the District to close the trash transfer station at 1220 W Street, NE.
Opponents of the trash transfer station say it represents "environmental racism" against the mostly black, working-class neighborhood in which it is located.

» Express-Free Ride, 7/25/07
» WaPo, 7/25/07
» WaPo, 6/13/04
» CityPaper history on the deal that brought the Home Depot and Giant to Brentwood, and how the community thought the development would be an ally in the fight against the Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) trash-transfer facility, 6/7/02

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  1. That's about the craziest thing, I've ever heard. I know people like to pull the race card and sometimes its called for, but almost all of Washington DC is predominantly black. Where do they want it moved? To a mostly all white neighborhood? Good luck in finding that in DC.

    There's a trash transfer station down the street from me and I'm not complaining. Some people just have no sense.


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