05 July 2007

For the Ladies: Teasing Your Way to Fitness

Photo from Express by Claire Duggan
Tuesday's Express had a fitness feature on what may be Ward 5's sexiest way to tone up: The P Spot.

Located at 210 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, The P Spot offers ladies a creative and invigorating way to stay fit:
Incorporating striptease moves into workouts is nothing new, but this offers more toning than any Carmen Electra DVD. "Before it's a pole class, before it's a strip class, it's a fitness class," says Michaela Brown, a 2003 Georgetown grad, who calls out moves throughout the hour-long session like the head cheerleader of sexy.

» PoleFit: 101 is offered Mondays through Thursdays and on Saturdays, and costs $21.15 per class. Five- and 10-class passes are available at discounted rates.
» More details at Express FreeRide
» The P Spot site


  1. ha!

    does this mean i have to post about it too, since its in my hood?

  2. Yes! Perhaps the wife and I can investigate ;)

  3. exellent! i'll pass on the info to her......

    : )


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