15 May 2007

Help Custom Cleaners Fight Judge Pearson and His $65 Million Pants

There are so many posts on the web about this that are easy to find, so no need for me to mention them all here.

What I'd like to see is a surge of business for the Chung Family at New Town Custom Cleaners, 3174 Bladensburg Road, NE. Surely you have a pair of pants or some shirts that need to be pressed?

If you're wash-and-wear like me, you can also support Jin Nam and Soo Chung by donating to the Custom Cleaners Defense Fund.

» A good Google start if you need to catch up on the story


  1. This is a disgrace. It's another episode of some fame whore getting his "fix" at some hard-working small businessman's expense. Grrrrrr.....

  2. I think a counter-suit is in order, say, for $54 million.


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