14 December 2006

Emergency Legislation on MLK Library - Sign the Petition to Preserve It

Mayor Williams has scheduled a(nother) vote on an emergency library bill next Tuesday - despite others not passing. Williams believes "all the issues have been ventilated." Wow. Interestingly enough, many of us don't agree. In addition to contacting your and others' Councilmember [see Council contact information in previous posting here], you can sign this petition to save the MLK Library. And, honestly, if you're for building a new library on the old convention center site, that's a valid option, but at the very least demand more accountability from the current and incoming Council, as well as the DCPL Board of Trustees and Ginnie Cooper. Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space goes into more detail on DC residents' MLK Catch-22.

Oh, and it looks like the Council will also be making a final reading and vote Tuesday, December 19th on temporary legislation on the Florida/Capital City Market (scroll down their schedule for "New Town at Capital City Market Revitalization Development and Public /Private Partnership Temporary Act of 2006"). Read some of Richard and Elise's comments on the proposal and search their sites for more.

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